• 4 years consultancy for biopharmaceutical and BioProcess industry (mABs, Cytokines,  Biosimilars,  ADCs, chromatography resins and membrane chromatographie, bioprocess-hardware design)
  • 2.5 years CSO at biopharmaceutical platform provider
  • 23 years managerial experience in biopharmaceutical and diagnostic industries
  • 5 process patents/applications with blockbuster biopharmaceuticals (EPO, IFN-beta, FSH, HTS chromatography platform technology)
  • CMC project management of 5+ projects (Biosimilars, 2nd generation biopharmaceuticals, cytokines, hormones, monoclonal antibodiesthereof 4 already EMA licensed)
  • Type II variation of blockbuster biopharmaceutical downstream process
  • Member of the industrial advisory boards for biotechnology of the University of Applied Science Mannheim and for Life Science Management at HTW University Berlin


...we do not have the "answer to the ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything" but at least the right house number...

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